If you wish to make a web site, you need 2 things - your own domain name and a web hosting plan for it. The domain registration is the actual website address which you type in a browser to reach a website, while the hosting space is where your website data is going to be. These are two tightly connected, yet independent services, while many people assume that registering the domain name is enough. Very similar to the disk space and the monthly traffic features that a given website hosting plan features, there are a certain number of registered domain names you can add as hosted i.e. you can have the web content for them in some account even when the domains have been registered through a different service provider. In technical terms, it does not matter whether a domain name is registered and hosted with the same company or is registered with one company and pointed to a different one - in any case your sites will function the very same way.

Hosted Domains in Shared Hosting

Our shared hosting plans offer a different amount of domain names that one can host in a single account. To have one or a few web sites, you don't need a lot of system resources, so you do not have to pay for a very powerful package and you can get started with a lower-end one. If you want to have more websites at some point, you can always upgrade the whole plan or just the hosted domains feature of your current plan - it's going to take only a few mouse clicks in your hosting Control Panel to do that. There is absolutely no limit on how many domain names you can register via our company and by selecting the most suitable plan, you can decide how many of them you are going to actually host. In case you already have domain addresses that are registered via a different provider, you can host them here as well and employ our web and e-mail hosting services for them.

Hosted Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Every semi-dedicated server that we provide includes unrestricted hosted domain names. Regardless of whether you register multiple domain addresses here or you already have them through a different company, you can add them in the account on our end with just a few mouse clicks. If you choose to get a new domain address through our company, it will even be hosted automatically inside the account, so you will not have to do anything else but begin working on the website for it. All of the hosted domain addresses can be controlled with ease in one location through our Hepsia CP. In contrast, in case you use rival Control Panels, you can register a domain through one system and host it through another, not mentioning that you have to switch between a number of accounts to regulate a couple of domain addresses. Therefore, Hepsia can save you efforts and time whenever you manage your hosted domain names.

Hosted Domains in VPS

With our Linux VPS packages you'll get plenty of system resources at your disposal and since you are going to have your own server, it's only natural that you can host as many domain addresses as you want. You can pick among three website hosting Control Panels throughout the registration process and depending on your choice there are two different options. If you select our custom Hepsia Control Panel, all domain names hosted on the server will be managed collectively using a single account and newly registered domains will be hosted automatically, while if you pick cPanel or DirectAdmin, you'll be able to create an individual account for every single domain address and for new registrations you'll have to add the domains manually. The second alternative could be more convenient if you need to give access to a given domain to a third party without giving them access to the whole server or other domains hosted on it.